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Commercial property for sale

Property Description

The Brilliant Residential Complex reveals a multifunctional space with a total area of 360 sq.m (shop and warehouse), ingeniously designed to accommodate a busy shop and ample storage space. Ideal for a large showroom or busy grocery store, this setting promises unparalleled potential for businesses aiming to thrive in a place that resonates with both charm and convenience.

shop and storage

Price per sq.m         €1000

Sq. m                        360

Contact person:    Desislava Stamova

Tel.                          +359 88 544 39 32   



Fill out the form and ask your questions. 

2 Boris Bogdanov Street,
Western Industrial Area,
Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

To speak with a representative,
please call or write us an e-mail.

Thank you!


Phone: +359 89 5758779

Phone: +359 88 5443932

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